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Our Offer


Imposing and sophisticated chandeliers provide the light necessary for any type of room while creating a special atmosphere inhaling a grandiose air. Maiestous or modern the chandelier has the power to offer a personal character of the room.



Classic or special the lamps are the main source of artificial light to any room and they simultaneously having both a practical role to generate overall light in the room, as well as an aesthetic one, to fill with life the room they are placed in.


Wall Sconces

Characterized by the utility of their small size wall sconces fit perfectly into vast rooms but also in the less spacious rooms and thus putting out either a single zone or the entire space while creating a relaxing atmosphere. Not only the functionality is important but also their design.


Our Process

  • Delivery & Satisfaction
  • Design & Creation
  • Meet & Agree

Once the creation is completed, we carefully pack it using special protection materials during transportation and deliver the product anywhere guaranteeing the best condition of the product at the reception moment. Otherwise, we offer the product restoration in the shortest time with no additional cost.

The next step is to arrange the technical details and receive formal confirmation of the collaboration. The model’s sketch, design and rendering (when it is appropriate) together with the establishment of materials, sizes, colors and finishes are sent to the client together with the financial offer and delivery time. After the customer’s confirmation the order is executed.

On customer request, we assure photos in various stages of the project.

Every client is very important for us, therefore we consider necessary to meet each other, in order to establish all the details, choose products after counseling, presenting all options and agree the most appropriate solution based on which the imagined product will come true.

Of course, depending on the customer, this step can be covered via phone or email.