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About us


In our lives the environment where we operate our activities and the energy provided by it have a very important role because it can either guide us to success or the failure. For example, on the one hand, if the workplace is clean and the office organized we tend to be more calculated and more rigorous in what we do. On the other hand, at home everything around us should inspire relaxation, peace and quiet in order to keep a balance in our lives.

In this matter, the lighting objects have a great importance in creating the environment that surrounds us and they can turn our home into an oasis of light and art, enveloping our houses with positive energy.

Lampadar.ro meets its clients with customized solutions, finished products developed 100% handmade in Romania, providing in this way the perfect product to its partners, according to their most demanding requirements.

Our goal can be summed up in three simple words: craftsmanship, uniqueness and personality. For each project we want to develop our master techniques are wreathed with the personality of each of our clients in order to provide a unique finished product filled with value and full of meaning.

Why Lampadar.ro ?

Excelent Quality-Price Report

We keep balanced between price and quality offering products 100% handcrafted of a superior design and quality at a reasonable price.


We create or reproduce unique items or taken form pictures or catalogues.


Complete Offer

We manufacture complete range for all lightning objects we offer for each model in accordance with the customer preferences.

The materials used

The main material used in making our products is wrought iron. It is distinguished both by its resistance over time, and also by the intimate and warm look, creating an immortal air and ennobles the room where it is located.

When the metal is heated o incandescence arriving in the plastic state, it is manually shaped by the traditional method in order to obtain the wrought iron or what it is called nowadays the forge art.

Whether you want your grace your home or you want to make a memorable surprise we strongly recommend lampadar.ro!

Wrought Iron Manufacturing