The floor lamp – A story of light

Serenity, warmth, fantasy … all these words define the state that brings us that dreaming corner where we happily find ourselves every night. The comfy armchair, the fragrant blanket and the warm light that our floor lamp gives us no matter if we choose to relax by reading our favorite book, listening to the chosen music or tasting the favorite wine.

In this story, the floor lamp is playing an essential role. Most often it is not only a decoration or a lighting source, but it represents a real jewel that can transform the room where it is placed in a formal or informal environment for study or relaxation depending on the mood and desire while offering elegance and personality.

Since the floor lamp is not only a lighting source but much of its value is found in its function as a design element that serves first to highlight certain areas of the house and to create a pleasant atmosphere, and secondly to identify itself with the character of the person by who is purchased. It is recommended that when we choose a floor lamp to spend a few moments of silence and try to discover what kind of pattern, color and shape we indeed identify ourselves with. If we fail to realize which the preferred option is, then of course, we can turn to interior design magazines, or, moreover we can address to a “made to measure” workshop production  that produces custom or hand-made products and can advise and recommend to us the product that really suits us.

Apart from the sentimental value that a floor lamp is wearing, before taking a decision we must take into account several practical issues that could help us to choose the best option. First, sizes and functionality are very important depending on the area where it is located as it can be very different in terms of shapes and light intensity. Secondly we must take into account the style and color of the body. Thus, it must create a perfect harmony with the other objects around him. Last but not least, the materials used are essential. They must be qualitative, strong and engaging.