The lightening fantasy – How to choose the perfect lamp?

The light plays perhaps one of the most important roles in our lives having a major impact on our state of mind. Therefore, it should be adapted to each context it is used in order to create an appropriate atmosphere for every activity. When natural light decreases in intensity, there comes into play the interior lighting of each space spared in different areas of activity where the role of the chosen lamps will be to fulfill both functional and decorative purpose.

Therefore, how could you select the most suitable lamps for your home?

The living room

The living room is usually the place where most of the activities are ran so the luminosity in each area could be general or local in accordance with the activities provided. Recommended for the leisure area are the lamps with a special design, floor lamps or chandeliers that offer ambient light, creating a warm and relaxing environment. For the dining area the lamps can follow a miniature design, many small lamps or an industrial design highlighted by generous lamps with focus on the serving area. To point out the furniture design appliqués can fill the room with a mysterious air.

The kitchen

Whether we are talking about an open space kitchen or about a closed kitchen, separated from the rest of the house, the room represents both work space and dining space. Thus, the kitchen should be generally lit by appliqués for a superior brightness but also partly though spotlights above the work space and lamps above the serving surface in order to provide a touch of light for the specific activities.

The bedroom

To complete the design of the main resting area in the house, the bedroom, the lighting should be chosen carefully in order to provide enough light, as dome lights or suspended lamps, and local by floor lamps, table lamps or wall lamps to create a warm and reassuring atmosphere and to complete the design in the room.

The bathroom

Pentru o luminare corecta a incaperii baii este de regula necesar ca aceasta sa fie facuta atat in mod general prin spoturi sau aplice, dar si in mod specific, in zona desfasurarii activitatilor cosmetice. Pentru ca iluminarea locala sa fie cat mai eficienta se recomanda ca sursele de lumina sa fie situate pe de-o parte si pe alta a oglinzii pentru a obtine o lumina uniforma pe fata.